Why Nike is creating a Hijab for Woman

A common worry amongst Muslim women who wear a hijab is that playing sports is difficult, or impossible. This thought is common amongst all groups, ranging from students who play sports at school, to those who are professional athletes. So, Nike decided last year to create a special hijab to be worn whilst playing sports. Here, we will take a look at some of the reasons why the company decided to launch such a product, as well as some thoughts and feelings about it.

The Nike hijab for use during sports was launched at the end of 2017 and has already had a lot of reactions. The company decided to create the product to help give women an equal opportunity to play sports and compete. On the other hand, it also allows professional athletes, who have decided not to wear a hijab just so they can compete, to do both. Therefore, women are becoming more and more able to express their cultural identity, whilst also being able to play their favourite sport.

The hijab is especially designed for use during sports, and as such it has a range of features which make it comfortable and easy to use. It comes in a choice of sizes, and in the colour black. It is almost totally opaque, except for a few small air holes which are positioned in such a way to be inconspicuous. The fabric is light and breathable, and can stay in place during any activity. It is also said to help wick away sweat, keeping the wearer feeling cool and comfortable.

The Nike sports hijab is easy to wear too – it pulls on over the head and features a long back, so the chances of it slipping out of place are minimal. This is a contrast to the chiffon hijabs usually worn by women during sports and exercise, which have a habit of falling out of place constantly. Many women who wear the Nike hijab also say they are better able to hear – something which is very important in any activity, especially team sports.

Overall, the reaction to the Nike hijab has been positive, with many more women now feeling able to take part in sports they might not have previously been able to enjoy. Some non-Muslims believe Nike is supporting the subjugation of women, but generally the product has been well received by those who will wear it.

Top Tips for Starting a business

Running a business is tough and everyone knows it and those that do not have simply never tried running one. Whether you are in the early stages of development and are a solo trader or maybe have a couple of staff the challenges are big. The riskier the venture the more pressure usually felt and sometimes it can feel like you are hanging on from day to day.  

business technology on the palms of a man




Here are some amazing Tips for those entrepreneurs trying to figure out how to run a business. 


Top Tips 

  1. Work –Beginthe Grind  

There is never a perfect time for running a business and the market is always going to go up and down. Forge your own luck and work through problem after problem, that is how success is done. While some complain about the environment and the fluctuating markets others continue to work through their fears in business. This one tip alone can be a game changer, countless successful business giants confess this one tip to be the main cause of their success.  

  1. Knowledge – Know your field

Many people never become experts in their area of business and therefore do not last through the test of time. The difference between those who can last a recession and those who cannot are those who are knowledgeable enough in their industry to spot the opportunities while others fail to continue.  

  1. Problem Solver – Be the solution 

Every business faces problems and there is never goanna be an easy path with running your own business. You need to view problems as little puzzles and not as problems. This small change in language will allow you to realise that every problem is solvable and not a dooms day. Every employee isn’t going to be perfect, working outside of normal hours is normal, missing parties and other activities is necessary for a long period of time until your empire is well established and the business is settled.