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Liberal Democrats work for you all year round.

Our MP and councillors are always busy helping local residents and striving to improve their communities. You can help them keep local residents up to date and aid their election campaigns.

Deliver some leaflets

Liberal Democrats involve people in making decisions about their area and they report back what they have done. To keep residents informed and up to date they deliver monthly Focus newsletters.

If you can help deliver a round of leaflets near you home please volunteer. Call 01225 316316 or email to offer your time.

You will be asked to deliver to around 100 homes (or more if you ask) once a month in your own time. Hundreds of people in Bath already do this from the age of eight to eighty.

Thank you

Put up a poster at election time

Displaying a poster in your garden or window is a simple but effective way of helping your local Lib Dems.

Posters give our candidates and campaign momentum. They enthuse our supporters and activsts and demolalise the opposition. A good display of posters shows that our support is broad and deep, it means that voters and journalists can’t ignore the Liberal Democrats.

If you would like to register for a poster call 01225 316316 or email to offer your window or garden. Please explain what land you have available, especially if you can put up another poster facing onto a main road or path or railway line …

With your permission our volunteers will erect the garden poster as soon as the next election is called so that we can have the best start to the campaign. If you have offered a window for a paper poster then we will post it with instructions when the campaign begins.

Thank you

Join our doorstep team

Liberal Democrats are known for their community politics. This means knocking on doors and talking to people.

Your local Lib Dem councillors and Don Foster MP knock on doors all year round. There will be a team of Lib Dems canvassing somewhere in Bath on almost every afternoon or evening. If you’d like to join your local team you will be given one-to-one training until you are confident to knock on doors by yourself. Don’t worry - everyone in Bath is really friendly!

If you’d like to volunteer call 01225 316316 or email to find out the next session near you.

Thank you

Donate money

The Liberal Demorats are not funded by big businesses or trade unions. This means that we are not beholden to any special interests or lobby groups for money.

We raise funds for our campaigns from our membership, through social and fundraising events and by donations from people like you. Over one hundred Bath residents donated between ten and a hundred pounds each to Don Foster’s re-election campaign earlier this year. All of this money was spent on posters, leaflets and phone calls to support Don’s election. The Liberal Democrats are very efficient with the money donated to them. We recieve (on average) a third of the donations given by big business or trade unions to Labour and the Conservatives, yet we are the only major party not currently in debt. We win the highest number of votes for the money we spend on campaigning, proving that our donations are spent well. If you can help fund our campaigns, please post a cheque to Bath Liberal Democrats at 31 James Street West, Bath BA1 2BT. Kindly include your address so that we can thank you. Donations of over £200 must be from individuals registered to vote in the UK or companies trading here.

Volunteer in our office

Members and volunteers in the Lib Dem office help co-ordinate our campaigns and prepare our leaflets. There is a small professional staff who give training and co-ordinate activities.

If you can help with printing leaflets, stuffing envelopes, counting out delivery rounds or writing envelopes then we could use your help. We have regular sessions in our Bath office which are both sociable and productive. To be included on our list of helpers call 01225 316316 or email

Thank you