Don Foster MP


600 apprentices started in B&NES since August – Foster

April 20, 2023 by Don Foster MP in News.

New figures released today show that in Bath & North East Somerset, 600 people started apprenticeships between August 2011 and January 2012.

This comes on top of record numbers of apprentices in our area last year: 1030 were on an apprenticeship in 2010/2011, which is an increase of 51% on the previous year.

Commenting, Don Foster MP said:

“Liberal Democrats are determined to tackle youth unemployment and get our economy back on track by rebalancing the economy away from the financial speculators gambling with other people’s money in the City of London.

“Thanks to the Regional Growth Fund, we’ve already invested £96 million in the South West and created just over 24 000 jobs in new and existing businesses as well as in the supply chain with more to come.

“For us to be successful, people need the skills and experience to take advantage of new jobs being created in Bath and the surrounding area.

“That is why apprenticeships are a huge part of the Liberal Democrat drive for a fairer and more balanced economy. Apprenticeships make local companies more productive and give young people the experience and skills they need.

“The record rise in learners taking them up last year is great news for Bath and the economy as a whole. It is hugely positive that already 600 apprenticeships have started this year.

“My Liberal Democrat colleagues and I are determined to do the right thing by building on this success and create sustainable growth, driven by our Bath’s employers.”