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All Hands to the Pumps as Foster supports local brewery

December 15, 2023 by admin in Don in Bath, News

The push to get MPs behind the bar to support the pub trade received a boost this week as Baths local brewery Abbey Ales- backed the campaign.

The initiative, launched by the head of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group - Burton MP Andrew Griffiths - and backed by the Publican’s Morning Advertiser newspaper, urged MPs to support the trade by getting behind the bar.

Griffiths said the initiative will give publicans a chance to build a relationship with their local MPs and allow them to discuss the issues affecting their businesses.

With this in mind Bath MP Don Foster, member of the APPG Beer Group, has promised to get behind the bar at Abbeys Assembly Inn. Situated in Alfred Street, The Assembly is one of three pubs run by the brewery in the city alongside The Star Inn and The Coeur De Lion.

Alan Morgan, Managing Director of Abbey Ales said:

“Don has always been very supportive of Abbey Ales and Bath’s pub trade in general”

“In fact Don was so impressed with Bellringer he arranged for it to be sold as a guest beer at House of Commons just days after we launched in 1997. We will be pleased to have him behind the bar with us on Thursday afternoon on December 22 at 3 o’clock.

“Issues such as record levels of red tape and beer tax need addressing if we are to help protect this great British institution and promote responsible drinking - our MPs can help make that happen.”

Commenting further, Don said:

“Pubs are a key aspect of our culture, history and modern society; however they are increasingly under threat with approximately 39 pubs closing every week across the country.

“In Bath we must ensure we do all we can to support these fantastic institutions that are so valuable to the city.”

“My Live Music Bill which is progressing smoothly through its stages in the Commons will hopefully provide a big boost to our local pubs. If made law, it will be a great help to the pub industry in Bath as it will allow our small venues to put on live music without the hassle of red-tape”

Abbey Ales is Baths only brewery and started brewing in the World Heritage City of Bath in 1997.