Don Foster MP and Local Councillors campaign against the increase in parking charges

Don Foster MP and local Liberal Democrat Councillors have joined the Bath Chronicle's campaign to see parking charges in Council car parks stop at 7pm.

The local Conservative Council changed the hours for charging in their recent budget until 8pm. Over the last month, Liberal Democrats on the local Council have exhausted all possible measures convincing the ruling Conservatives that they have got their decision wrong.

Despite questions at Overview & Scrutiny Panels, and a well publicised call-in, the Cabinet member failed to change his decision.

Now the local paper has got involved, and local Liberal Democrats are happy to support their campaign.

Don Foster MP commented, "The decision to extend the hours of charging was completely crazy. It shows how out of touch our Conservative Council leaders are. The decision has hit hundreds of people, from charity volunteers to restaurant owners. Everyone who travels into the city centre for an evening event or to enjoy the nightlife has been adversely affected. Even our Special Constables whose shift begins at 7 p.m. now have to pay to park their cars in the car park next to the Police Station. Even those who help keep our city safe are now out-of-pocket.

"I've been amazed by the lack of consultation by the Conservative-run Council. Until the protests began, the people of Bath have had no say about a decision made by Council leaders most of whom don't live in the city.

"At a time when other costs are rapidly rising, unless the decision is reversed there will be a huge impact on the economy of the city. The Tory Council are in danger of killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Thank goodness they have at least agreed to reconsider."