Don Foster MP


Don Foster, “Active choice on internet access is the right way forwardâ€

October 11, 2023 by admin in News

Commenting on the announcement by UK Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that parents will be given an ‘active choice’ whether they want to impose parental controls on internet access in their home, Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party Committee on Culture, Media and Sport, Don Foster said:

“Anyone signing up for internet access will be asked to make an active choice about what they want to see online. This is far better than passing laws to force ISPs to filter everyone’s internet connections by default.

“Web blocking should not lull parents into a false sense of security. The problem will only really be solved when parents take an active interest in what their children are doing online.

“Now that ISPs are acting voluntarily, the Government must step away from introducing web censorship laws”