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Don Foster backs Bill to enshrine in law UK’s overseas aid commitment

July 13, 2023 by Don Foster MP in Don in Parliament, News

Don Foster, MP for Bath, has backed the International Development Bill that aims to enshrine in law the long standing Liberal Democrat policy of devoting 0.7% of UK Gross National Income to overseas development.

The Coalition Government is committed to this level of spending, which will, among other things:

- Get 11 million children into school

- Vaccinate 55 million children against preventable diseases

- Stop 250,000 new born babies dying needlessly

Now, with cross party support, Mark Hendrick MP’s Private Member’s Bill debated today aims to expedite bringing this commitment in to law.

Commenting, Don Foster said:

“Overseas aid saves lives across the world, from supporting efforts against infectious diseases to educating the next generation of children so they can build better lives

“The target of spending 0.7% of national income is an international standard the Liberal Democrats have long supported.

“It is vital for the developing world that we honour that commitment and enshrining it in law is an appropriate way to ensure we will do so”