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Don Foster backs local volunteer with Gap Year push

June 21, 2023 by admin in News

Local MP Don Foster is backing the work of local volunteer Lawrence Lockhart who is organising the sixteenth annual Bath Gap Year Fair, to be held at King Edward’s School this coming Tuesday 28th June (4pm to 7pm).

Lawrence Lockhart’s organisation offers advice and information by email ( He recognises that there are organisations that give gap years a bad name, and there are young people who waste this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Commenting Lawrence said, “There are plenty of reputable organisations offering good value, many of them charities, dedicated to the interests of young volunteers and the communities they serve. But you need to choose carefully and we can help”

Lawrence believes that Gap Years can bring enormous rewards, “confidence, a sense of self-belief from what they achieve, skills and experiences that employers are looking for, a pause to rethink their futures, an insight into other cultures, lots of fun, and new friends around the world” to name a few.

Commenting Don Foster said, “Don’t ask your parents to pay for your gap year, get working and fundraising, and get involved in a challenging project, if possible overseas, so that you can do some adventurous travelling afterwards.”