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Don Foster meets ex-game hunter to discuss wild animal ban in circuses

April 6, 2023 by admin in News

Don Foster is meeting with Shaukat Qazi, an ex-game hunter from Uganda, to discuss a potential ban of wild animals in circuses on 7th April at 12:00 at 31, James Street West BA1 2BT. Mr Qazi has been an animal rights campaigner for almost 40 years and is launching a campaign that is calling for a complete ban of all animals in circuses.

Mr Foster has met with Mr Qazi to discuss animal welfare issues before. They are now focusing however on circus animals after the recent uncovering of the horrific treatment that Anne the elephant received.

Commenting Don Foster said, “I believe that there is no place for wild animals to be trained up to perform in circuses. There is nothing wrong with animals providing entertainment, but when you force animals into a behaviour pattern which is completely unnatural it becomes wholly unacceptable.

He continued, “The case of Anne the elephant was an extreme case of animal cruelty, we also need to work with the authorities to ensure it is never repeated”