Don Foster MP


Don Foster MP joins strong man outside parliament for green power pledge

May 24, 2023 by admin in News

Bath MP Don Foster joined Friends of the Earth’s green strong man ‘Energy Bill’ outside Parliament recently to show his support for a tough new law to save energy and tackle climate change in homes and communities around the country.

Don Foster MP is backing Friends of the Earth’s call for key changes to the Energy Bill currently being debated in Parliament. The environmental campaigning charity wants the Government to lead a nationwide refurb to make sure no one lives in a cold home - and to beef up support to help councils tackle climate change in their areas.

Don Foster MP said:

“The Government’s Energy Bill is key to giving our homes and communities the green overhaul needed to help fight climate change.

“I’m backing Friends of the Earth’s call for the new law to be stronger, so councils get independent advice to help communities go green, tenants are protected from heat-leaking homes by 2016, and the Government has a plan to insulate every home.”

Friends of the Earth campaigner Liz Hutchins said:

“It’s great that Don Foster MP has committed to backing amendments for a stronger Energy Bill.

“We need MPs like Don Foster to stand up and be counted to help fight dangerous climate change and create clean, green communities we can be proud to live in.”