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Don Foster MP launches Bath schools manufacturing competition

May 25, 2023 by Don Foster MP in Don in Bath, News

Don Foster MP joins UK manufacturers to encourage young people to get excited about manufacturing careers.

Don Foster, MP for Bath, is proud to be launching the We Made It! competition in the city, working with local schools and industry to help young people understand how exciting and rewarding a career in manufacturing can be.

The competition will invite young people aged 13-16 to submit designs and ideas for a gadget, gizmo, toy or tool they’d like to see made. Any invention, no matter how creative, is welcome and as long as it’s realistic enough to be made there’s a chance it could be!

The entries will be judged by Don and the winner will be entered into a nation-wide competition judged by a group of organisations involved in manufacturing, including Boeing, the Manufacturing Institute, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Finmeccanica, Renewable UK, the Confederation of Paper Industries and Lloyds Banking Group. The organisations are all partners in the Dods Manufacturing Dialogue, which is working to increase interest in manufacturing skills in schools.

The best entries nationwide will be invited to a Fab Lab, the outstanding facilities provided by MIT and the Manufacturing Institute, where their designs will be manufactured and brought to life.

Later this autumn, Don will bring the winner of the local competition to a reception and awards ceremony in parliament and they’ll have the opportunity to meet the heads of the manufacturing organisations involved in the project and learn how to take their career in manufacturing further.

Commenting, Don said:

“I’m very proud to be supporting the We Made It! competition to help young people turn their ideas into reality. Britain needs more young people aspiring to high-level manufacturing jobs in order to gain a better understanding of how the industry and businesses involved in it actually works.”

“We should be proud very proud of the “Made in Britain” mark, which is a sign of quality the world over. Our country’s manufacturing industry should not merely have a proud past, but also a proud future and I look forward to seeing what Bath’s young people think the gizmos of tomorrow will be!”

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