Don Foster MP


Don Foster MP meets residents at St Mungo’s Mulberry House during the charity’s 2011 Action Week

July 4, 2023 by admin in News

Don Foster, MP met with residents at Mulberry House to mark St Mungo’s Action Week.

Don Foster met with 13 residents to find out about the project’s ‘recovery approach’ and to hear from residents and staff about how social enterprise - from gardening to woodwork, cooking to looking after chickens - is playing its part in their lives.

The visit marked St Mungo’s annual Action Week, a focus for campaigning and fundraising for the charity’s work in supporting homeless and vulnerable people. This year St Mungo’s is asking people to pledge their support to include homeless and vulnerable people within society at all levels.

Paul Hudson, Manager of St Mungo’s Mulberry House, said: “It’s a pleasure to welcome our local MP and introduce him to both our residents and our work. Some people can feel excluded or marginalised within communities. Our aim is to encourage involvement and we’re grateful to all those who support us in Bath and beyond.”

Commenting Don Foster said, “Visiting Mulberry House was really inspiring for me. Homelessness in Bath can be eradicated, and I will continue to work with organisations such as St Mungo’s to see that happen”.