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Don Foster MP says clocks change could save lives and create jobs in Bath

January 19, 2024 by admin in Don in Bath, Don in Parliament, News

Bath MP Don Foster is backing a bill to objectively look at the benefits of moving the clocks forward by one hour.

Don is backing the Daylight Saving Bill which receives its Third Reading in the House of Commons on Friday 20th January. The bill calls on the Government to conduct a comprehensive review of the costs and benefits of putting clocks forward an hour throughout the UK, resulting in lighter evenings every day of the year.

Supporters argue that lighter evenings would save lives on our roads by making more of our busiest evening rush hours occur in daylight, create jobs by boosting the tourism sector, and make many people especially older people feel safer going out in the evenings for longer. Lighter Later, the group coordinating the campaign for change, says support for the cause has never been stronger.

Commenting ahead of tomorrow’s reading, Don Foster MP said:

“The arguments in favour of clock change are compelling. This one simple low-cost policy could bring wide ranging benefits to the whole of the UK including saving lives on our roads, creating much needed jobs in the tourism sector and reducing the fear of crime on dark evenings.

“This has the potential to be fantastic for Bath’s economy as well as making us all safer”

Daniel Vockins, manager of the Lighter Later campaign added:

“The Daylight Saving Bill is supported by over 90 national organisations from The AA to SAGA and The FA backing lighter evenings. On the year the Olympics comes to Britain, this would be a brilliant legacy for our young athletes”