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Don Foster MP shows his support for Water Works Campaign

Don Foster has pledged his support to WaterAid’s Water Works campaign at a House of Commons event hosted by Northumbrian Water for WaterAid on the day that the United Nations announced that the Millennium Development Goal on water has been reached. An additional 2 billion people have accessed clean water within the last 20 years.

Safe water and sanitation transform lives, improving health and lifting communities out of poverty. As world leaders prepare to meet in Washington next month for a crucial meeting on water and sanitation, WaterAid is encouraging the public to support its Water Works campaign, which aims to highlight the importance of these basic necessities in tackling poverty.

Commenting, Don Foster said

“It is great news that we have met the Millennium Development Goal on water – this shows that aid is working and that we are making steps forward to eradicating poverty.”

“There is still much work to be done however, as 783 million people still don’t have safe water to drink, and around 2.5 billion are lacking adequate sanitation. Not having these essential services traps people in poverty.

“The UK has a lead role to play along with other countries to concentrate our efforts on bringing water and sanitation to all.”

To show your support for the campaign please visit:

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