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Don Foster MP welcomes £7 million extra for NHS in Bath & North East Somerset

April 4, 2023 by admin in News

From today the NHS in Bath and North East Somerset will enjoy an extra £ 7 million, to support key Government priorities such as support for carers’ breaks, the Cancer Drugs Fund, investment in talking therapies for those with mental health conditions, and 4,200 extra health visitors.

Spending on healthcare in Bath and North East Somerset this year will total £285 million. The increase follows the decision by the Coalition Government to protect NHS investment over the next four years - investment vigorously opposed by Labour.

Across England as a whole, over £89 billion will now be spent on doctors, nurses and frontline services in the NHS - an increase of more than £2.6 billion over the year before.

Welcoming the increases in NHS funding, Don Foster MP said, “We recognise just how important the NHS is to this country - and to patients here in Bath and North East Somerset. That’s why the Coalition Government is protecting the NHS not just today, but for future generations.

“Next year alone, our constituency will benefit from an extra £7 million of investment going straight to doctors, nurses and other frontline services.

“Under Labour, billions of extra spending was swallowed up as the number of managers increased at five times the rate the number of nurses. Their plans would have meant cutting the NHS, denying patients the improved services we are putting in place. Their approach - to spend less - would leave the NHS in crisis.”

  1. The decision by the Coalition Government to protect NHS spending was set out in the Coalition Agreement and honoured in the Spending Review (HM Treasury, Budget 2011, 23 March 2024).
  1. The Coalition Government’s decision stands in mark contrast to the Labour Party, which consistently campaigned against increases in investment. For example, they said:
  • “It is irresponsible to increase NHS spending in real terms” (Andy Burnham, Guardian, 16 June 2023).
  • “There is no logic, sense or rationality to it at all in the current economic climate, and it will do great damage to other parts of the public sector. You can make savings in the NHS and you can ensure those savings go into frontline care.” (Alan Johnson, Sunday Times, 27 June 2023).
  • “It is incredible that the present Government believe that international development, health and, to a certain extent, education must be prioritised, and that they are more important than crime and policing. Quite frankly, I can say as a former Health Secretary that we did not commit to increase the health budget above the rate of inflation.” (Alan Johnson, Hansard, Column 345, 8 September 2023).
  1. In Wales, the Labour-led Government is cutting the NHS by more than 5% in real terms (Welsh Assembly Government, Final Budget, February 2011).