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Don Foster MP welcomes government support for Daylight Saving Bill

October 31, 2023 by admin in Don in Parliament, News

Don Foster MP has welcomed the announcement by the Government to support the Daylight Saving Bill - calling for a change to the way we set our clocks. Don took up the Lighter Later Campaign last November after nearly 100 of Bath’s residents contacted him about the issue.

Evidence suggests that by moving an hour of light from the early morning to the evening could make our roads safer, cut the UK’s carbon while boosting its economy and provide more time for leisure activities and sport.

Commenting Don Foster said,

“By changing the way we set our clocks we can save lives, money and polluting emissions. This has the potential to be fantastic for Bath’s economy as well as making us all safer”.

Daniel Vockins, Lighter Later campaign manager added, “There’s a lot further to go before we change our clocks but this announcement is a big step forward. The bill would mandate the UK Government to conduct a proper review of the evidence for and against changing the clocks. By rationally weighing up the evidence for reform, Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland have the opportunity to become safer, healthier and more prosperous countries”