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Don Foster pressures government to promote Arts in school curriculum

January 19, 2024 by admin in Don in Parliament, News

Speaking in the House of Commons on January 16, Don Foster strongly voiced his concerns that preserving arts and creative education in schools.

Questioning John Hayes, Minister of State at the Department for Education, Don Foster asked:

“What steps he is taking to promote arts and creative education in schools.”

The Secretary of State replied:

The Government believe that children’s education is enriched through their connection with the beauty provided through the arts. To support this mission, we invited Darren Henley, the managing director of Classic FM, to undertake a review of cultural education in schools and he is due to report shortly. As you know, Mr Speaker, in November we published a national plan for music education worth £200 million over three years.”

Don Foster remains concerned about the government’s new curriculum initiatives that do not highlight the important role of creative education and arts in a child’s education.

In a response to the Secretary of State, Don Foster replied:

“I am sure the whole House is looking forward to the Henley review, but does the Minister acknowledge that the expert panel on the curriculum review are concerned that the role of cultural and creative subjects in a broad and balanced curriculum is in danger of being lost? Given the significant reduction in postgraduate certificate in education art and design places and the lack of any cultural subjects in the English baccalaureate, are they not right to be concerned?”

The Minister replied:

“The right hon. Gentleman will know that the E-bacc-the core curriculum that we are developing-is sufficiently small to allow space for all kinds of other activities, including those relating to music, art and culture, as well. Certainly, it is the view of the Secretary of State and the whole Government that enriching a child’s education through their experience of art, music and culture is at the heart of good education.”

Don Foster will continue to pressure the government for arts and creative education to be promoted in the new curriculum.