Don Foster MP


Don Foster responds to the resignation of Assistant Commissioner, John Yates

July 18, 2023 by admin in News

Responding to the resignation of the Assistant Commissioner of the MET, John Yates, Don Foster MP has said,

“Once Sir Paul Stephenson resigned, it became inevitable that John Yates would step down as well, given his close connections to the original investigation.

“John Yates has done some superb work for the Met, however by his own admission he spent just 8 hours reviewing 11,000 pages of evidence within which were buried details of the most heinous crimes. Literally hundreds of victims of phone hacking were failed and his resignation is long overdue. He made a monumental error of judgment which rendered his position untenable.”

“We now need urgent action to rebuild London’s senior police team so they are in post and able to rebuild the Metropolitan Police’s credibility and be ready for their biggest challenge next year, the security arrangements for the Olympics.”