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Don Foster signs EDM 2257 - ANTI-SLAVERY DAY 2011

October 20, 2023 by admin in Early Day Motions, News

Don Foster has signed EDM 2257 on Anti-Slavery Day 2011. The EDM reads:

That this House stands together on Tuesday, 18th October, 2011 to mark the United Kingdom’s Anti-Slavery Day and the European Union’s Anti-Trafficking Day; notes with profound regret that far from being resigned to the history books, slavery is still a major problem with at least twelve million people around the world enslaved today according to a United Nation’s estimate; further notes that the actual number of people that are enslaved is likely to be far greater; recognises that slavery is still a problem in the United Kingdom, with domestic servitude and forced prostitution being amongst the most common forms of slavery found in this country; further notes that greater steps need to be taken to ensure that the London 2012 Olympic Games do not provide opportunities for criminals to enslave and traffick more people into the United Kingdom; and calls on the government to take a pro-active approach to tackling the issue of slavery and human trafficking both at home and abroad.