Don Foster MP


Don signed EDM 2441 on Human Rights in Egypt

That this House strongly condemns the continuing human rights abuses by the military rulers in Egypt; notes with serious concern that on 9 October 2011, 26 people were killed after the army targeted a peaceful protest marching to Egypt’s state television buildings at Maspero; is concerned that the ruling military’s account of the events seems contradictory to eye-witness reports and video footage; is deeply worried by reports that the prominent blogger and activist Alaa Abdelfattah is being detained, accused of a number of serious crimes in relation to the 9 October march; is deeply alarmed that the Egyptian authorities allegedly tortured the 24-year-old prisoner Essam Ali Atta to death; further condemns the Egyptian government’s increasing violence towards protestors and the use of military tribunals instead of civilian courts; is further concerned to hear accounts that the campaign of harassment and intimidation against journalists is escalating; and calls on the Government to put diplomatic pressure on the military rulers of Egypt to respect human rights, stop using military trials for citizens and end their crackdown on protestors and journalists.