Don Foster is a principled and hard-working working Member of Parliament who is listening to all the people in Bath and representing the area effectively. He has held the position for 15 years. He works closely with the leaders of the Liberal Democrats and has attracted the positive attention of the national media.

Don Foster has received the positive backing of community leaders in Bath, prominent politicians and the national media, some of whose views are represented below.

“You have such a wonderful reputation as a caring MP.”
Mrs D

“I wish to thank you for your unwavering empathy, kindness and greatly appreciated assistance in this whole affair.”
Mrs B

"Thank you for following this matter up so assiduously. What an excellent MP you are - intelligent, indefatigable and passionate"
Mrs A

"Thank you once again for your time and efforts on my behalf they were and are much appreciated"
Mrs S

"My profound gratitude to you for all your assistance, support and kindness shown towards me"
Mr A

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