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The festive season is now upon us, although it seems to creep into our lives earlier every year these days. You’ll be pleased to hear that I have no plans for a Don Advent calendar just now.

It’s been a busy month since my last e-newsletter and I hope to keep you informed of the major goings on here. As always, please forward this e-mail on to anyone you think may be interested, and if they’d like to subscribe then ask them to e-mail with “Subscribe” as the subject. If you’d like any further information on anything in this e-newsletter, then please get in touch.

Two Tunnels Bid

You can now vote for the Sustrans Connect 2 project, of which the Two Tunnels scheme is a part, at Sustrans are looking to secure £50million of National Lottery funding for their project, which is up against three others.

There is a TV show about the Sustrans project on Tuesday 4th December on ITV, which is being presented by Lorraine Kelly. The scheme will benefit 79 communities across the UK, including Bath, by enhancing our walking and cycling network. For more information, please visit

Post Office Campaign Launched

As mentioned in my October e-newsletter, the consultation on further Post Office closures in our area is scheduled for February 2008. Bath lost a third of its Post Offices in the last round of cuts. With 17% of Post Offices nationwide scheduled to be closed, this means Bath could be left with only 10 Post Offices serving 100,000 residents.