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Don E-news February 2008

Hello and welcome to my first E-newsletter of 2008. After a short break over the Christmas period, things are now very much back in full swing at Westminster. As always, I am working hard in Bath on many fronts, and there should soon be a conclusion on a couple of issues that I have been keeping you up to date with. Our Post Office consultation begins this month, and I will be acting on the results of our NHS survey.


This month, in conjunction with Liberal Democrats on BANES Council, I have added a new feature to the e-news, which is a poll. To respond to the poll all you need to do is reply to this e-mail to either or You can also include comment on the issue in your reply.

This month’s issue is car parking charges in Bath, and the question is: Should parking charges (permits and car parks) in Bath rise this year? Please forward this on and get as many of your friends as possible to take part.

Post Office Consultation

The consultation for Post Office closures in our area begins this month and it is important that members of the public make their feelings known during this period. The decision is not a foregone conclusion, as evidenced by the two Post Offices saved recently in South Wales: Despite this, a number of branches were still closed, so it is important to keep voicing our concerns.

You can sign my petition at and I will keep you informed of how to get involved in the consultation as soon as I have the details.