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Don Foster MPís April E-Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the April edition of my monthly e-newsletter. Itís been a very busy month since my last update, with the Post Office network change programme in full swing, the secondary school review in Bath & North-East Somerset and the Budget! In amongst that I did, however, manage to enjoy the four-day Easter weekend, but it was back to all-go on the Tuesday!

Post Office Update

The consultation for our area closes on April 9th. I have enjoyed the chance to demonstrate how important the local Post Office is to our communities, but it is a shame that the government and Post Office Ltd donít seen to understand this.

I met an elderly resident at Bear Flat who uses the local office to send care packages to his son in Afghanistan. He will struggle to get down to Moorland Road, or into the city centre, with his parcels. The Bear Flat Post Office is very important to him. It is this part of Post Office closures that the government does not take into account.

On April 8th we will be having a walk from Selbourne Close in Newbridge to Weston Post Office, via the Lower Weston Post Office, which is proposed for closure. This walk is mainly up hill, and it will be almost impossible for elderly and disabled residents to complete this journey. We are being joined by the head coach of Bristol Rugby, Richard Hill, who is a local resident. If youíd like to join us on the walk, then please call 01225 316316 for further information.

If you are reading this on or before Wednesday April 9th, then it is still not too late to make your objections known. E-mail