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Police should investigate TV phone-in fraud allegations

I’m sure you’re all aware of the spate of TV phone-in scandals that have come to light in recent months. This all seemed to come to a head last month when Ofcom imposed a 5.6 million fine on ITV.

It increasingly looks like the only way we can put this issue to bed is with a full investigation into exactly what took place and who should be held to account - which is why I’ve written to the Police asking them to open up to a full criminal investigation and to clarify whether the activities of ITV amount to fraud. I’ll keep you posted.

IOC must press for media freedom at Beijing Olympics

Last week, the IOC visited London to check on our progress towards hosting the 2012 Games. During their visit I attended a meeting with the Prime Minister, the Minister for the Olympics and representatives from the IOC to demonstrate my support for bringing the Olympics to London.

But while London’s progress to 2012 is undoubtedly important, the situation in China in the build up to the Games this summer is far more pressing. According to Amnesty International, human rights violations and the repression of media freedoms in China have actually increased in the run up to the Olympics.

So far our Government seems determined to bury its head in the sand rather than admit that China is still only paying lip service to its commitments on human rights and media freedoms. I will continue to pressure Labour ministers into making clear whether they are prepared to attend the ceremonies in Beijing, and - most importantly - whether they are prepared to go at all costs.