Don Foster MP


Fans make their stand

October 17, 2023 by admin in News

TWO-thirds of football fans want standing areas reintroduced to top-flight stadiums, an exclusive Daily Star Sunday ­survey has revealed.

The Daily Star Sunday quizzed 1,000 fans from more than 90 clubs in the biggest-ever poll of its kind. They found that 66.3% of football fans would support a return to standing. Only 17.3% opposed it, with the rest undecided.

Lib Dem MP Don Foster, who introduced the Safe Standing Bill to the Commons, said the results showed “clear support for standing”.

He said: “No one with any sense wants a ­return to the dark days of old-fashioned terraces, such as those at Hillsborough.

“We live in different times now and with the right stadium design and our modern safety culture, fans could choose to stand if they wanted and be as safe as they were sitting down.”

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