Don Foster MP


Foster secures MoD recognition of journalists’ safety

October 1, 2023 by Don Foster MP in Don in Parliament, News

Bath MP Don Foster has today announced that a long running campaign to see journalists’ safety recognised in the Ministry of Defence’s Green Book has been successful.

The recently-removed declaration that no journalists or media outlets would be targeted has been reinstated in the newest edition of the MoD’s guide lines. This follows on from earlier this year when Mr Foster, in collaboration with Rodney Pinder of the News Safety Institute, contacted the MoD raising their concerns.

Significant numbers of journalists are caught up in warfare or peace time conflict and are not duly protected by the nations that they serve or the publications they represent.

The next published edition of the Green Book will feature the reinsertion of the original commitment, which states: “It is important to understand that UK forces on operations will never deliberately target individual correspondents”.

Mr Foster described this as an “extremely satisfying result”, adding that “it is imperative that journalists are protected and receive the treatment that their bravery deserves when they are serving abroad”.