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Foster welcomes Local Sustainable Transport funding boost

July 8, 2023 by admin in News

The Department of Transport has announced £5m funding boost for the West of England ‘Key Commuter Routes’ project.

The ‘Key Commuter Routes’ project will promote alternatives to car travel and aims to reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and reduce the impact of congestion locally.

The funding announcement will focus on people travelling to work on six key routes that carry about 40% of travel to work trips and will promote alternatives to car use through improvements to and integration of a combination of walking, cycling and public transport.

Commenting on the announcement, Liberal Democrat MP for Bath, Don Foster said:

“The £4.1m grant will be a big boost for Bath and the West of England.

“Too often people face little choice but to get in their cars and join the morning rush hour gridlock. We want to make it easier for people to leave the car at home and use convenient, green travel options.

“Not only will the ‘Key Commuter Routes’ boost the local economy, it will make the morning commute easier, safer and more sustainable.”