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Joy at Culverhay Result

July 15, 2023 by admin in News

Campaigners, children and Councillors are celebrating the decisions by B&NES Council and Cabinet to reverse the threat of closure of Culverhay school and set in motion a process to create a co-educational school.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Dine Romero (Southdown) has been involved from the start in the campaign to save Culverhay and moved a crucial motion at the Council meeting. Dine commented:

“I would like to offer massive congratulations to the campaigners and the community as a whole - this result is a testament to their hard work and passion for the school in over twenty years of campaigning for a coeducational school at Culverhay and a year of campaigning against closure.

“It’s fantastic that we finally have a Council that is willing to listen to what the community wants and to respond. I am overjoyed with the votes by Council and Cabinet this evening.”

Councillors Nigel Roberts and Steve Hedges represent Odd Down ward where Culverhay is situated, both Nigel and Steve opposed closure. Nigel commented:

“The new Council administration is to be congratulated for moving swiftly to reverse this bad decision. Culverhay is such an important part of the local community; this has been proven by the numbers of people involved in the fight to stop to closure plan.

“I’m delighted that children from Odd Down will benefit for years to come from an excellent school, close to home, with real links to the community and facilities to benefit the whole community. All our children deserve the best education regardless of where they live.”

Commenting on the decision, Don Foster stated:

“Faced with the threat of closure under the last administration, this really is a fantastic result for all those who have fought so hard to keep Culverhay open. Many Bath residents have got in touch with me pledging their support for Culverhay and it just goes to show how important the school is to the community

“The new Lib Dem council should be congratulated for their swift and decisive move to reverse the closure plan and I am delighted that the wheels are in motion to create a new co-educational school in the area”