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Don Foster praises Budget announcements for Creative Industries

March 21, 2024 by Don Foster MP in Don in Parliament, News with 0 Comments

Liberal Democrat Spokesman for Culture, Media and Sport Don Foster MP has praised the Chancellor’s announcements in today’s Budget to provide a welcome boost for the creative industries:

“Liberal Democrats have campaigned long and hard for increased support for our creative industries.

I am extremely pleased that the government has now announced major tax-breaks for the video games, animation and high-end television production sectors.

This action follows on from previous initiatives to improve computer and technology education in schools and to support major reforms in cultural education in order to inspire and instruct a new generation of talented individuals.

The UK is at the forefront of creative talent and we create some of the finest productions in the world. The tax-breaks that were announced today, and the additional £100m that will enable ultrafast broadband will provide essential support and maximise the contributions to economic growth that this sector has the potential for.

I commend the actions of this government in recognising the importance of the creative industries and exhibiting this in a proactive way.”

70,000 in Bath and North East Somerset to get £220 tax cut

March 21, 2024 by Don Foster MP in Don in Bath, News with 0 Comments

As part of the Budget, the Chancellor has announced that from next year, the Income Tax threshold will be raised further, ensuring that no one pays any income tax on the first £9,205 they earn.

In Bath and North East Somerset that means 5120 will be lifted out of paying Income Tax all together and a further 70,300 will receive a £220 tax cut. This is on top of tax cuts of £200 last year and a further £130 next month.

Commenting, Don Foster, MP for Bath said:

“The Chancellor has done the right thing in listening to Liberal Democrat calls for the Income Tax threshold to be raised further.

“As a Liberal Democrat, I want to see a fairer tax system where help is provided for those who need it most and where the richest pay their fair share.

“Raising the Income Tax threshold to £9,205 will help average working people in Bath and beyond who have been struggling with bills and higher cost of living.

Commenting further, Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander said:

“Liberal Democrats have been clear in our priorities for the Budget. We wanted to see a Budget for the millions, not the millionaires.

“The Coalition Government inherited an unfair tax system from Labour, who in their 13 years hit ordinary working families hardest by abolishing the 10p tax rate while letting tycoons get away with shameless tax avoidance.

“Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government are doing the right thing to clear up the mess Labour left behind, making sure the wealthiest pay their fair share by clamping down on tax avoidance, introducing a ‘tycoon tax’ and putting an end to stamp duty dodging by the super rich.

“Raising the Income Tax threshold is a key Liberal Democrat commitment that the Coalition Government is implementing. The announcement in the Budget will mean almost 2m people will be taken out of paying Income Tax all together in the UK and give nearly 21m people a £220 tax cut.”

What would you do with an extra £60 in your pocket?

March 19, 2024 by Don Foster MP in Early Day Motions, News with 0 Comments

On the 6th of April, all apart from the richest taxpayers will see a rise in their take home pay. This is because the Coalition is raising the personal allowance of income tax (the amount of money you can earn before you begin to be taxed). This was a key Liberal Democrat manifesto pledge which the Liberal Democrats fought hard for in the Coalition negotiations and a policy which will make a real difference to working families and young people around the country. In April, every worker will be given a tax cut of £126; that’s £126 extra in their pay packets over the year.

This is on top of the £200 tax cut which happened last April, which is when the personal allowance was first raised by the Coalition. From April this year, over a million working people will no longer pay income tax because of the Coalition’s tax policy.

But we need to go further and faster. The Coalition is working hard to make sure we’re all in this together by clamping down on tax avoidance, taxing the banks by an extra £2.5bn every year and stopping inheritance tax cuts for millionaires, but as a Liberal Democrat I want us to do more.

I want the Coalition to prioritise tax cuts for hard-working people by raising the personal allowance further and faster. That would give you £60 a month extra in your wages, that’s £60 you can spend on the weekly shop, put towards the quarterly gas bill or a well-deserved holiday.

When times are tough, it’s only fair to ease the burden on low-earners by increasing the amount paid by the richest. This is what the Liberal Democrats are fighting hard for in the budget negotiations with our Coalition partners.

To push for this further increase I have signed EDM 2791 that states:

That this House congratulates the Coalition Government on its increase in the personal allowance of income tax, which has already taken 800,000 working people out of the tax system and given 23 million people a 200 tax cut; welcomes the commitment to increasing the threshold to 10,000, which will save working people 700 a year and take millions of the lowest paid workers out of the tax system; and calls on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to go further and faster in his 2012 Budget.