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Update - Victory for F1 fans

October 26, 2023 by admin in News

In a victory for F1 fans, the parliamentary Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee Chairman has said that his committee will question the BBC over its deal with Sky to share broadcast rights for Formula 1 racing.

This comes after Don Foster pressured the BBC and Formula One Management to explain how the controversial deal came about, as well as a massive grassroots campaign by fans.

More details available here:

Commenting, Don Foster said:

“I’m glad the Select Committee is willing to look at the F1 deal. MPs must press the questions that the BBC has tried to dodge.

“The major players in this deal served their own interests and ignored the fans. The Select Committee will have an important chance to stand up for ordinary F1 viewers.

“The BBC, F1 Management and Sky have gone round in circles blaming each other. It’s time for us to know who is really accountable.”

Don Foster signs EDM 622 - Export Credit Guarantees Department

In November, Don signed EDM 622 stating:

That this House believes that the Export Credits Guarantee Department (ECGD) should take account of factors beyond the purely financial when deciding on the merits of export credits; is concerned that some cases are now exempt from environmental, human rights and social impact assessment and that, in practice, the absolute ban on child and forced labour has been removed; expresses regret that many developing countries are still paying off large debts for projects that were of no benefit to recipients or which fostered corruption; recognises that the ECGD could stimulate the positive export of green and pro-poor technologies and services; and urges the Government to conduct a thorough review of the ECGD, audit all outstanding ECGD debts, support the adoption and enforcement of stronger impact standards and to prevent the ECGD supporting projects that do not add value to recipient countries or contribute to poverty reduction or social and human development.

Don writes to Bath residents worried about the up-coming cold winter

October 25, 2023 by admin in Don in Bath, News


I know from speaking to constituents that many people are worried about soaring energy prices and the possibility of another cold winter, while energy companies are making larger profits. It’s not just a worry in our area but for people up and down the country. That is why earlier this week Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary Chris Huhne chaired an Energy Summit together with the Prime Minister, to ensure the energy companies take action.

Liberal Democrats in Government have been fighting to tackle the dreadful legacy of failures on housing and fuel poverty. Millions of British homes are cold, draughty and expensive to heat - hitting everyone in the pocket and putting the vulnerable at risk.

To tackle this, Liberal Democrats have forced energy companies to spend more on insulating our homes. In October 2012, the Green Deal will start - creating over 100,000 jobs and helping 3 million households insulate their homes at no cost to themselves.

We’re doing more for our pensioners as well, with the new Lib Dem Warm Homes Discount giving an extra £120 each year to the least well-off pensioners to keep warm this winter. That’s on top of the £4.50 a week pension rise that all pensioners received in April. Pensioners can call 0800 991234 to check if they are receiving everything they are eligible for.

But we can do more in the immediate term. Energy suppliers agreed at the Energy Summit to write to households to let them know they can switch to a cheaper tariff. In South West, 387,000 households will get this letter, giving them a real helping hand to save this winter.


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