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'Parents responsible for underage drinking'

September 13, 2023 by admin in News

Don Foster, Liberal Democrat culture spokesman, accused the Government of ‘hypocrisy’ for lecturing parents at the same time as introducing botched laws for 24-hour drinking.

He said: ‘I would not criticise the Home Office for saying parents should take some responsibility, but you cannot have your cake and eat it.

‘The Government has passed legislation which has increased the availability of alcohol hugely.’

The findings from the Offending Crime and Justice Survey show that 56 per cent of the 5.4million youngsters aged ten to 17 in England and Wales admitted drinking in the past year, including three out of ten children in the ten to 13 age group.

A total of 48 per cent said they had got the drink from their parents, while 23 per cent of those getting ‘very drunk’ at least once a month said their main source of alcohol was their parents.

Despite the illegality, 89 per cent said their parents did not mind as long as they did not drink ‘too much’. Three per cent said parents let them drink ‘as much as they liked’.

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Confusion still swirls around BBC/Sky deal and what it will mean for viewers

September 12, 2023 by admin in News

During the European season the “hold-back” clause could expire in the middle of the prime time evening slot, when a full re-run of a race is clearly much more difficult. As for Brazil/USA/Canada, I understand they have different “hold back” times altogether.

If a full re-run is not screened on ‘regular’ TV then it might still be screened on iPlayer or on the Red Button, although again this is all up in the air.

One thing is certain: there is still plenty of confusion (and anger) swirling around this issue.

With BBC Director General Mark Thompson due to face questioning from the Commons’ Culture, Media and Sport select committee next month - in the wake of some stinging letters sent by Lib Dem MP Don Foster to both Bernie and the BBC - there remain plenty of questions left unanswered, both about how the deal came about and what it will mean for F1 fans in this country going forward.

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Ministers declare war on plague of urban seagulls

September 12, 2023 by admin in News

As numbers have grown, a whole industry has emerged promising to drive the birds out of town. Netting for a large roof can cost up to £70,000. But spikes and tension wires on window ledges and plastic decoy birds such as eagles have done little to halt the surge in numbers.

In Bath, tourists and residents alike have been plagued by a colony which at one stage was growing by almost 25 per cent each year. The council spends £10,000 annually on fighting the problem, including using artificial eggs to convince the gulls to settle down and brood, and experimenting with stronger refuse bags.

Don Foster, the local MP who has lobbied the Government for more research, said: “The current methods simply are not working. The problems are getting worse, and unless we understand what it is that makes them so successful, we are not going to be able to find a solution.”

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