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Rugby League World Cup visits Parliament

November 1, 2023 by Don Foster MP in Don in Parliament, News

As part of the year-to-go celebrations for the Rugby League World Cup 2013, the world cup trophy visited the Houses of Parliament on 31st October.

Sitting in front of newly-named Elizabeth Tower, MPs had the opportunity to see and hold the cup, as well as discuss the tournament with the RLWC2013 team.

The tournament, the first major international sports event after the Olympic Games, kicks-off on 26th October with England playing Australia at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium. Group games will take place across 20 different venues in England and Wales with a semi-final double header at Wembley stadium, culminating in the final at Old Trafford.

Don Foster took the time to hold the trophy, saying afterwards,“It is fantastic that we have so many sporting events taking place in Britain over the next few years. As the first after London 2012, the Rugby League World Cup 2013 has a great opportunity to showcase British sporting talent and put on a fantastic tournament.

“We saw the power of sport during the Olympics, and it seems that hasn’t left us. I wish the players, coaches, organisers and volunteers the best of luck as they put on what I am sure will be an outstanding spectacle of international sport.”

More information about the RLWC2013, including all fixture details and how to purchase tickets, is available online at

Help with energy saving

October 25, 2023 by Don Foster MP in Don in Bath, News

This week is Big Energy Savings Week and Don Foster will be supporting the Citizen Advice Bureau in Bath to help families save energy.

Big Energy Savings Week is a chance to learn how people can make their homes warmer and reduce their energy bills by making their property more energy efficient.

In addition to support from Citizens Advice Bureaus, people in Bath can get advice from the Energy Saving Advice Service (ESAS - 0300 123 1234) on how to reduce bills and make homes more energy efficient. It also gives details on eligibility for the Green Deal as well as Warm Front and other schemes to support people struggling with their energy bills.

Commenting, Don Foster said:

“Energy bills are a big worry for people in Bath but there is help available to make homes warmer and bills lower.

“Citizens Advice Bureaus can advise on any financial support that people might be entitled to and switching to cheaper energy providers is an important step to lowering bills.

“One of the problems we face is that many homes are not insulated properly, meaning energy is wasted. Thanks to Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government, the Green Deal is launching this autumn to insulate homes without any up-front cost.

“The Green Deal is a unique scheme because the cost of the energy saving measures will be paid out of the savings made on the energy bill. That means people can make their homes warmer without any worries.”

Almost 500 new apprenticeships in Bath since last year

October 17, 2023 by Don Foster MP in Don in Bath, News.

New figures show that in Bath, 480 people started an apprenticeship last year. This is an increase of 66 per cent since the Coalition Government came to power.

Commenting, Don Foster said:

“Liberal Democrats are determined to tackle youth unemployment and get our economy back on track. We need to rebalance the economy away from the speculators gambling with other people’s money in the City of London.

“Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government are doing the right thing by investing across our area through the Regional Growth Fund to create sustainable growth, driven by our local employers.

“For us to be successful, people need the skills and experience to take advantage of new jobs being created in our area. Apprenticeships are a huge part of that.

“Apprenticeships make companies more productive and give young people the experience and skills they need.

“The record rise in learners taking them up last year is great news for Bath and the economy as a whole. The whopping 66 per cent increase since Labour’s last year in power shows the Coalition Government’s is investing in the right thing and that it is paying off.”