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Foster signs EDM 2033: Future of Cystic Fibrosis with the NHS

August 17, 2023 by admin in News

Don Foster has signed EDM 2033 that states:

That this House recognises that effective care and treatment of cystic fibrosis (CF) can only be carried out by multi-disciplinary teams, including specialist nurses, physiotherapists and dieticians; notes that patient care is being compromised because posts in these vital disciplines are being disestablished, downgraded, left vacant or used to backfill general vacancies; is concerned that these cuts by stealth are a false economy as they are likely to cost the NHS more in in-patient and acute care; and calls on the Secretary of State for Health to ensure that NHS trusts fulfil their obligations to those with CF as set out in the Standards of Care.

Bath MP Don Foster says gull research bid 'has failed'

August 8, 2023 by admin in News

Liberal Democrat Don Foster had called for ministers to take the threat of growing gull numbers seriously.

The Bath MP said there were well over 1,000 pairs of breeding gulls in the city and strategies to control the numbers were not working.

“The truth is that so far I have failed to persuade the government to take the issue seriously,” he said.

“It is a really serious problem for many people in my constituency of Bath and many other places around the country.”

You can read the full article here

Which MPs have the most 'klout' on Twitter?

August 5, 2023 by admin in News

Don Foster, MP for Bath has been ranked 5th most influential Liberal Democrat MP on Twitter, according to the website

“Labour MP Tom Watson, who used Twitter prolifically to raise questions over allegations of phone hacking at News International, scored highest for influence out of the members who use the social networking site.

Watson scored a high 78 for Klout in a measure of online influence ranging from 1 to 100.

The size of the following is just one small factor in the equation.

Twitter users are also marked according to a range of variables including how well they engage with their followers, how influential their own followers are and how far their messages reach.”

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