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Liberal Democrats working to reduce energy bills for millions of people

April 23, 2023 by Don Foster MP in Don in Parliament, News

Throughout the United Kingdom, we are faced with rising energy bills. Due to the confusing number of different tariffs, the best deal for insulating our homes is sometimes difficult to find. In order to find the most cost efficient way to insulate our homes, Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg has announced a landmark deal with major energy suppliers to inform people every year of what the cheapest insulation deal is.

My Liberal Democrat colleagues and I understand that our reliance on dwindling supplies of oil and gas, mostly from volatile regions, is bad for consumers and our energy security. This is why we are ensuring energy companies insulate millions of buildings throughout the United Kingdom for no extra cost. According to Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) data, since 2008, 9,439 homes in Bath and North East Somerset have been insulated at no extra cost to the home owners and more are expected to receive help under the Green Deal.

The Climate Change Act of 2008 commits the United Kingdom to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 relative to 1990 levels. Around a third of greenhouse gas emissions comes from heating our homes, so tackling the problem of home insulation is critical to the successful completion of the Climate Change Act requirements.

The Green Deal is a Liberal Democrat manifesto commitment that will make the completion of these requirements a reality. The Green Deal will become effective throughout the United Kingdom this autumn. It is the most ambitious home insulation scheme the UK has ever seen and eliminates the need to pay upfront for energy efficiency measures. Instead, the Green Deal ensures that the cost of such measures will be covered by savings on bills. Not only will the Green Deal help to reduce energy costs and protect the environment, it will also result in the creation of up to 100,000 green jobs and 1,000 apprenticeships in the sector, which will leave a lasting legacy.

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