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Foster Raises High Hedges
Don Foster MP for Bath, speaking in the House of Commons in support of the High Hedges Bill that will empower local authorities to deal with problem hedges, said

“This is a vitally important issue that desperately needs to be addressed.”

Main Image“High Hedges have been a major disruption to neighbourhood harmony for far too long,”

“Its not just the legal costs that might be incurred. People face a range of problems that can lead to serious illness – and indeed – in the worst disputes, to violent assault.

“It is important we provide a quick, simple and cheap remedy to resolving such problems.”

Don has laid down a challenge to the Government to back this bill.

“I have supported several previous bills on this issue, but all so far have failed due to lack of government commitment and Tory filibustering!”

“I very much hope that this bill will be more successful.

“Its high time the Government deals with high hedges once and for all.”


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