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Foster Slams Doorstep Sellers
Bath's MP Don Foster, has joined calls for energy companies to curb unacceptable tactics used by some of their door-to-door salesmen

Main ImageHis call comes in the light of a new survey from the Gas and Electricity Consumer Council "energywatch" which reveals that as many as 1.4 million householders in the UK have had problems with energy sales agents.

"The tactics that some door-to-door salesmen use are despicable. People have been lied to, pestered and even had their signatures forged. It's got to stop!" says Don,

"The energy companies must clean up their sales practices - and, if they don't, the Government should act to force them to.

Don is one of more than 100 MPs who have signed a parliamentary motion supporting "energywatch's" Stop Now campaign.

"Already the campaign is bearing fruits. As a result of it, energy companies have now agreed to pay 250 automatic compensation is cases where a sales rep has forged a signature. This is an encouraging start, but more needs to be done."


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