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Fresh Hope for Freshford Station

Bath's MP, Don Foster, has welcomed new hope in Freshford Station's long running saga involving the platform's stepping distance.

Main ImageA workable but lower cost solution has been found after many years of
inaction and failed promises. Although still uncertain at this stage, the
new plans appear to involve a short length ramp to provide improved access
to at least one carriage in a train.

Don, who recently met with Transport Ministers and Richard Bowker (Chief
Executive and Chairman of the Strategic Rail Authority), to discuss the
issue, as well as again raising the matter on the floor of the House of
Commons recently, said:

"I'm delighted at this fresh round of assurances that things will finally
get moving.

"The people of Freshford have been waiting far too long, and have had their
hopes dashed too many times, but I pay tribute to their tireless campaigning
on the issue - it looks as though it has paid off.

In a letter to Don, the Managing Director of Wessex Trains, Andrew Chivers,

"A Project Manager has been appointed for the task and site meetings and
design work are now being undertaken."

Freshford's Liberal Democrat councillor, Cllr. Gitte Dawson, who has been at
the forefront of the campaign, said:

"I'm thrilled that at long last it sounds as though we're going to get much
improved access, I'm disappointed that it appears to be a compromise deal,
but nevertheless I really welcome this news - its better that nothing, and
we've had nothing for too long!"


This article published: 11/07/2023


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