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Outrage In South Twerton

Bath's MP, Don Foster, has expressed his outrage at the decision by Post Office Ltd. to close the South Twerton branch.

Main Image"This is a detrimental blow for the area. I am furious that this branch will be closing despite the community presenting such a powerful case - it simply couldn't have been stronger.

"It's especially cruel when we had our hopes raised by the decision being escalated to the next stage.

"This closure raises a whole series of vitally important questions about Post Office Ltd's agenda that desperately need to be answered.

What is the point of a consultation process when they've blatantly already made up their mind? What are the long term plans for Post Office services in Bath? What plans are there to accommodate the increased demand on the nearest branches?

"I feel that the Government should shoulder their part of the blame too. They have made so much effort to get people to by-pass their post office and accept their benefits directly into bank accounts, but scant effort to ensure the survival of our local communities.

"I do however want to pay a huge tribute to the postmaster at South Twerton, Jo Francis, who has been placed in a difficult situation with this closure. He and his wife have served the community with dedication and distinction, and I know just how highly he is regarded locally.


This article published: 06/08/2023


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