Don Foster MP*


In confirming that the Liberal Democrat Party will not participate in the Butler Inquiry, Don said:

“It’s quite clear that the remit of the Butler Inquiry that has been announced today is far from the full and comprehensive one which we’ve been calling for – and which is so desperately needed.

Main Image“What’s the point of only investigating the quality of the intelligence without examining the decisions that were based on that intelligence?

“The decision to lead this country to war was clearly a political one, and as such the politicians who made the judgements shouldn’t be excluded from scrutiny.

“Hutton’s remit was too narrow, and so is Butler’s.

“My Lib Dem colleagues and I will continue to be at the forefront of challenging the Government about these matters, but I am not satisfied that this inquiry will satisfy the public’s grave concerns. As such we will not participate.”


This article published: 03/02/2024

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