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LAST CHANCE FOR LABOUR - Crucial Third Reading of Top-Up Fees Bill Tomorrow

Ahead of tomorrow’s crucial vote, Don has launched a sharp warning to Labour backbench MPs to honour their manifesto pledge over top-up fees - or face the consequences.

Main Image“I’ve had countless letters, telephone calls and emails from Bath residents who are really concerned at these proposals. Yet, despite such huge opposition, which is mirrored right across the country, the Bill on top-up fees remains largely unchanged.

“Tony Blair is destroying the fabric of our education system. Ability to pay, not ability to succeed will be the measure of our university system in future.

“Only today 15 university heads published a letter confirming their concerns that variable fees would create a two-tier system.

“Tomorrow's third reading gives Labour backbenchers a last chance to honour their manifesto pledges and save our universities from becoming a market lottery for future students.

“The Tories also have a lot to prove after they failed to vote against the Bill during its committee stage.

“This is the last chance for Labour and Tory backbenchers to put political integrity first and join my Liberal Democrat colleagues and me in opposing these measures – or be prepared to pay the price at the next election.”


Notes to Editors.

• The Liberal Democrats remain the only party to offer fully costed alternative proposals to fill the university funding gap.

• Increasing the rate of tax from 40% to 50% for income over £100,000 would generate sufficient funds to abolish all tuition and top-up fees.

This article published: 30/03/2023

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