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Don today called on the Government to delay the implementation of the legislation bringing forward more flexible and longer licensing hours in pubs and clubs.

Main ImageIn a speech on the floor of the House of Commons Don Foster said:

“Local authorities should be able to introduce more flexible hours if local people want them.

“But the powers the Government has given councils to say no to longer opening hours are dodgy.

“Bath and North East Somerset Council are deeply concerned that the right to refuse pubs in a ‘saturated’ area is legally dubious and the experts agree.

“With senior police officers in Bath and the rest of the country arguing that the number of violent, drunken revellers is spiralling out of control, we must delay this act until binge drinking is brought under control.”


Notes to Editors

1. Many local authorities, include BANES, fear that ‘special policies’ on cumulative effect have little legal weight. Experts agree. Andrew McNeill, director of Institute of Alcohol Studies has stated: “I think it’s going to be a legal minefield” [Sunday Times, 16.1.5]).

2. Senior police offices have expressed increasing concern about the rise of drink-fuelled violence since the passage of the Licensing Act in 2003. Inspector Paul Mogg said last month that he and his officers could no longer keep pace with the rising level of drink-fuelled violence in the city each weekend [Bath Chronicle, 18 Dec 04]

His concerns are mirrored nationally. Sir John Stevens, Metropolitan Commissioner said: 'The move towards 24-hour drinking needs to be slowed down. The fact that large groups of people will be coming out at 3am or 4am will mean we have to man the streets to ensure they behave.” [Daily Mail, Jan. 13, 2005]

This article published: 25/01/2024

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