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English premiership season tickets most expensive in Europe

12 August 2005. With the Premiership kicking off on Saturday, Don Foster MP, today revealed new research showing that English season tickets are by far the most expensive in Europe.

Main ImageThe Liberal Democrat research based on the top European clubs showed that:

An English season ticket costs:

- More than x 6 that in Italy

- More than x 5 that in France

- Almost x 3 that in Spain (the top ranking UEFA country)

The most expensive club of those surveyed, Arsenal, is more than 10 times as expensive as the least expensive club, AC Milan

Chelsea, England's leading club, is more than twice as expensive as the most expensive top club outside the UK, Real Madrid.

English season ticket prices are rising at a rate well above inflation- at Chelsea they are up 25% since last season while at Arsenal they are up more than 10%.

Commenting, Don Foster MP said:

"This shows that rip-off Britain is alive and kicking in the world of English football.

"Many football clubs now do excellent community work off the pitch but the games themselves must also be accessible to all.

"I'm concerned that the closest young aspiring players may get to a top flight football match is the sofa in front of the TV.

"On my insistence, the FA Premier League said they would look into this matter earlier this year. Now they must act fast so supporters don't face exorbitant prices next season."

This article published: 24/10/2023

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