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Bath’s MP, Don Foster, has accused the Labour Government of lacking the political will to tackle climate change, following the publication of the Government’s Climate Change Programme Review on Tuesday 28th March.

Don has backed the Big Ask campaign calling for a new law to make the Government legally responsible for reducing UK carbon dioxide emissions.

Main ImageThe Government has repeatedly promised to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 20 per cent of 1990 levels by 2010, including in all three of the general election manifestos that have put New Labour in Government. But emissions have risen by three per cent since Tony Blair came to power in 1997. The revised strategy was supposed to get the UK back on track – but it is clear that it has failed to do this.

Commenting, Don said:

“Since 1997 Tony Blair has grabbed the headlines with impressive targets on cutting carbon emissions.

But the hard fact is the Labour Government isn’t doing enough about climate change –things are getting worse, not better. Emissions have actually gone up since 1997 and they are still rising.

“That’s why I am backing Friends of the Earth Big Ask campaign for a new law that forces the Government to keep its promises on cutting carbon pollution.”

Friends of the Earth director, Tony Juniper said:

“Tough action is needed to tackle climate change. But once again the Government has caved in to short-term political pressures and produced a totally inadequate response.

“This pathetic strategy will not deliver the Government’s promise to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 20 per cent by 2010, and will further undermine the Prime Minister’s reputation on this issue. The ship is heading for the rocks, but rather than changing direction, Captain Blair has simply reduced speed while his crew continues to squabble.”


Notes for Editors

Friends of the Earth's climate campaign, The Big Ask, is calling on the Government to introduce a climate law that would set a legally binding target of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 3 per cent every year, monitored through an annual carbon budget. Over half of Britain’s MPs have now signed up to the campaign. For more information see

This article published: 03/04/2023

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