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On the eve of the first Test match of the summer, Don Foster MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow DCMS Secretary, has called on the ICC to exempt English cricket grounds from the new ban on taking modest amounts of alcohol into the grounds. (If the ban goes ahead fans will have to buy drinks on site).

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Don Foster MP has today written to the ICC calling for English grounds to be excepted from the ban and has tabled a motion in Parliament on the subject.

Commenting, Don Foster MP said:

"The ICC's decision to force England fans to queue up and pay up for overpriced beer is ludicrous. 

"Fans can buy all the alcohol they like from bars inside the ground, so arguing this ban is for safety reasons just doesn't stack up.

"The ICC is simply pricing more ordinary fans out of the game."

Commenting on the decision by Lords cricket ground to defy the ban, Mr Foster added:

"Lords' defiance of the ban has been brave.  But our top cricket grounds shouldn't have to risk their test status over a few cans of lager or a bottle of champagne."



Notes to Editors

1.      The first England game at which the ban should apply is the First Test against Sri Lanka on 11 May 2006.

2.      Don Foster MP has today written to the ICC calling on English ground to be exempted.

3.      Mr Foster has also tabled a motion in Parliament (an EDM) as follows:

"That this house condemns the decision of the International Cricket Council (ICC) to ban test match spectators taking modest amounts of alcohol into the ground; notes that this decision is not justified on the basis of safety considerations given that alcohol is sold inside English grounds; further notes that test spectators will, from 11 May 2006, have to queue for more expensive drinks from a limited range; and urges the ICC to exempt English grounds from this ban.

4.      The five test grounds have adopted the following policies as a result of the ICC ruling:


In accordance with ICC regulations no alcohol may be bought into Trent Bridge. In addition no glass bottles or cans, even those containing water or soft drinks can be brought into the ground. [Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club ground regulations 2006] REGULATINSSPECIAL DEALS TEL. 0870 062 4637


PLEASE NOTE that in accordance with ICC regulations, no alcohol may be brought into the ground, INCLUDING Members Areas. Soft drinks in plastic bottles will continue to be allowed, but no glass bottles or cansmay be brought into the ground.  [Lancashire Cricket Club ticket information 2006]


The ICC has introduced a policy to ban the importation of alcohol across all grounds hosting International Cricket in the world from 2006.

Following close consultation with the Police and Health and Safety advisors this regulation will apply to all "Category A" matches at The Brit Oval from 2006. Games defined as "Category B" will be unaffected by these changes.  [Surrey Cricket Club Media Release, 27 October 2023]


No alcohol, glass bottles, or cans may be brought into the ground.  [Warwickshire County Cricket, ticket brochure for 2006 international matches]


Small quantities of alcohol may be brought into the Ground, under the supervision of MCC who reserve the right to confiscate any quantity of alcohol from any spectator, and return it to such spectator at the end of the day's play. Under no circumstances will any spectator be re-admitted to the Ground at any time during the day if he or she is in possession of any alcohol.  [Regulation e, General Ground Regulations 2006]

Regulation e. refers to the amount of alcohol which a spectator may bring into the Ground. The Committee has set a limit of two pints of beer or one 75cl bottle of wine per spectator. Amounts of alcohol in excess of the limit will be confiscated. [M.C.C. ticket application brochure 2006]



This article published: 11/05/2023

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