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Don calls for greater provision of wheelchair services for disabled children

Don has signed a Commons Motion raising awareness of the need to increase wheelchair services for disabled children.

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It is estimated that over 70,000 children in the UK require vital mobility equipment tailored to their clinical, social and developmental needs. However, a shortage of wheelchairs and other mobility equipment means that many children are forced to wait over a year or longer to receive this.

The charity Whizz-Kidz, which provides customised wheelchairs, tricycles and other specialised mobility equipment in addition to information, training and advice, has been applauded by MPs for the valuable work it does as the leading provider of paediatric mobility equipment outside the NHS. However, a national lack of mobility equipment for children remains, and there is grave concern regarding the risks of developmental delay children could be exposed to as a consequence of the NHS's inability to provide sufficient equipment.  

Commenting, Don said:

"The provision of customised wheelchairs and other mobility equipment for disabled children is crucial in allowing children to develop independent mobility skills, confidence and self-esteem.

"However, a lack of adequate equipment not only risks hindering a child's development but additionally places immense strain on their family, both financially and emotionally.

"The work of Whizz-Kidz in supplying this equipment to families is highly commendable, but nonetheless I will be urging the Government to ensure that the NHS increases its provision of mobility equipment for disabled children and continues to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by these children on a day-to-day basis."


This article published: 13/07/2023

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