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Don backs Amnesty call to end torture trade

Don has given his backing to a campaign by Bath Amnesty Group calling on the Government to close a loophole in export control which allows companies to trade in equipment that can be used for torture.

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Bath Amnesty holds regular stalls in the centre of Bath to raise public awareness of their campaigns. During one recent stall they asked members of the public to back their campaign about the review of the Export Control Act by asking them to sign a roll of lining paper. The petition received over 200 signatures and stretches to over three metres in length.

Don has also added his signature to the petition and has today taken it to Westminster to give to Malcolm Wicks MP, minister with responsibility for export control.

Commenting, Don said:

"I welcome Amnesty's efforts in raising awareness of this issue and am more than happy to add my support to their petition and give it to Malcolm Wicks in person on their behalf.

"It is outrageous that current export controls allow UK companies and citizens to trade in items that are used to torture humans by running their businesses outside the UK's jurisdiction.

"It is high time the Government closed the loopholes which allow this evil and inhumane trade to continue and I would urge Bath citizens to back Amnesty's campaign."

Caroline Butler, Secretary of Bath Amnesty added:

"The UK Government has made significant steps to outlaw the export of torture equipment made in the UK, but the current list of banned or controlled items fails to cover numerous products which Amnesty believes are solely designed for torture. These include electric-shock devices, irons and chains for restraints, and hanging ropes.

"We're urging the Government to close the loopholes in the current export laws so no such equipment can be exported from the UK, or by British-owned companies abroad."

 Further information about this campaign is available at


This article published: 19/11/2023

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