Don Foster MP


Media plurality rules aren’t good enough – Foster

July 4, 2023 by admin in News

Commenting on the announcement that the Government intends to accept undertakings from News Corporation’s merger with BSkyB, Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Culture, Media and Sport Committee, Don Foster said:

“Jeremy Hunt has assiduously followed the rules on media plurality laid down by the last Government. But those rules aren’t good enough and are failing to inspire public confidence.

“The last Labour Government originally didn’t even want general media plurality rules. Our current, watered down protections were only introduced after a long battle in the House of Lords.

“We need an independent commission to look at plurality and come up with protections that can be trusted.”


Notes to Editors:

In October 2002, the previous Government stated: “…we do not believe that there is a need to provide additionally for a general plurality test in the Enterprise Bill merger control regime.”

(From Government’s Response to the Report of the Joint Committee on the Draft Communications Bill, Department of Trade and Industry and Department for Culture, Media and Sport, October 2002, Cm 5646)