National issues

Opening up Local Government
Don recently served on the committee studying the new Local Government Bill. He is seeking to persuade the government to allow greater flexibility in the way local councils are allowed to organise themselves and the way they can raise money for local projects. he is also seeking to ensure that local councils are more 'open' so that they have to listen to and take into account the views of local residents.

Along with his Liberal Democrat colleagues in parliament Don has protested about the government's miserly 75p per week increase for pensioners. Don believes that pensioners deserve a better deal.

Don has undertaken a National Health Service survey in the Bath constituency. Contacting 20,000 local residents has provided substantial information to raise health issues in Parliament 

MEP Graham Watson works closely with Don Foster to ensure all European issues are raised in Brussels and/or Westminster as is appropriate.

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If you'd like to add your voice to the campaign to protect local Post Offices, or if you'd like to comment on other national issues related to transport, the environment, local government and social justice, then E-mail Don at