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Foster says "Save Our Scrumpy"
Bath’s MP, Don Foster, has called on the government to scrap plans that could prevent farmers selling their Farmhouse Cider and Wines at Farmers’ Markets.

Main ImageThe Government’s Licensing Bill, which is currently going through Parliament, plans to force the organisers of Farmers’ Markets, Local Shows and Country Fairs etc. to obtain a License.

Don, who has co-sponsored an Early Day Motion that calls on the government to think again said,

“Many organisers of these events will simply feel that the extra cost, bureaucracy and hassle of obtaining a license would not make it worthwhile.

“The Government’s lack of thought would deny farmers and small scale producers a vital outlet, and deny us all access to buy these fine products.

“They should use common-sense and see that alcoholic sales usually only comprise a small part of a market’s activities.

“This will fly in the face of the Government’s own Curry Report into the future of farming, which called for enhanced support for Farmers’ Markets.”


Notes to Editors follow.

Notes to Editors.

 The full text of EDM No. 940 is:-

“That this House expresses it concern that the sale of locally-produced cider and wines at farmers’ markets may be curtailed by provisions within the Licensing Bill; recognises that farmers’ markets, country fairs and agricultural shows represent important opportunities for small-scale producers; understands that market organisers will be required to acquire a personal license; notes that because acquiring a license incurs significant monetary and bureaucratic costs, many organisers will not feel it is worthwhile to do so; further notes that farmers and wine growers who do hold a personal licence will only be able to apply for fifty temporary notices when many sell at around 150 venues; believes that these unnecessary costs run counter to the Curry Report’s call for enhanced support to farmer’s markets and rural economies; and calls on the Government to recognise the needs of small scale producers and to amend the Licensing Bill accordingly.”

Printed (hosted) by David Bellotti on behalf of Don Foster (Liberal Democrat) both at 31 James Street West, Bath BA1 2BT. _blank

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